Clogged Drains 101: How To Unclog Them Instantly

Blocked drains are common in bigger cities, especially if you live in an old and worn-out establishment. A drain is usually clogged because something is stuck in the pipeline, preventing the water from flowing down the drain. To unblock drains Bracknell is your go-to solution.

What Are The Causes Of Blocked Drains?

There can be many different reasons why your sewer system is blocked. Here are some most common causes:

  • Tree Roots: Toots of old and overgrown trees may be cracking up your pipes and creating a blockage because the water can’t further.

  • Blockage Due To An Object: An object has likely been pushed down your drainage system, making it hard for the water to pass through. Most common objects found in the drainage systems are small toys, ornaments, soap bars or chunks or soap bars, etc.

  • Hair: Most women do not place a barrier over the drainage pipe that stops their fallen hair from entering the sewers. This hair can form an obstacle if they are in large chunks and can clog the drain.

  • Tissues And Wipes: Used tissues and wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. Due to the water, they increase in size and can easily clog up your drainage system. Used wipes are always to be disposed of in the dustbins.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products: People who have periods flush their pads or tampons down the toilet. It is an unsafe practice that will clog the drain and overflow the toilets. It is to be avoided.

How Do You Fix Clogged Drainage Systems?

Here are three easy solutions to unclog your drains quickly and prevent clogging in the future.

·         Use A Drainage Pump To Remove Any Stuck Object

A drainage pump is a tool you can use to remove any objects stuck in the drainage pipes. Just place the pump over the opening of the pipe and pump it, and it will bring the thing to the top of the pipe, and then you can take it out and get rid of it.

·         The Baking Soda And Vinegar Method

To unclog your drain in minutes, put some baking soda into the pipe and then pour some vinegar into the pipe. The chemical reaction between sodium bicarbonate and vinegar will instantly clear out your drainage system.

·         Call Bracknell

If you ever have a case of blocked drains, contact unblock drains Bracknell for a quick check-up of the drainage system. They are amongst the top organizations that provide drainage solutions, and calling for professional help in such situations will also help you save time.

These are some common causes of clogged and blocked drainage systems and some ways to unclog them and prevent them. You can also call the municipal department of your area to check if there is some issue with the drainage of the entire town or city, and they will inspect the cause on their end.

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