Effective Ways – How To Stop Rats From Climbing Drain Pipes

Rats are everywhere. Preventing them from entering the houses is a task. They reach anywhere as they are great climbers and often create a lot of mess. From climbing trees to toilets and from staying in gutters to your houses, they move anywhere they wish to. But filthy and untidy spots top their lists.

Rat infestation is a common issue in heavily populated areas. Authorities usually don’t take adequate measures to prevent rats in drains and local gutters, which leads to excess rats and rot in the drains.

Ways To Stop Rats Climb Drains

Rats climbing drains and staying there for years is a common issue. It can not just lead to damaging houses and buildings but can also cause health problems. The filth they bring along or create can be highly dangerous, so you need to stop them.

Here are specific ways to prevent them enter:

●      Install Blockers

Cover all the big holes in the drainage system connected to your house. There are a wide variety of drain blockers available. Choose the one that suits you. Drainage openings are major rat entry points. Solve the problem from the root and close these openings.

●      Cages And Sealed Drainage

If rats are not stopping even after installing the drainage blockers or rats might damage them, chew them. Make sure to get rat cages installed at the opening-closing holes of the drains. It will either divert the rat back or catch them. Also, ensure that the drainage pipes are in good condition and have no holes or cracks.

Sealing the drainage opening and altering it, making it suitable only for water and other sewer material, can be a great permanent solution to prevent rats from climbing up the drains. If the drainage holes get closed for the rats, they will be unable to reach the houses.

●      Pest Control

Getting professional help is always a better and hassle-free option. There are a lot of pest control services dedicated to resolving this problem specifically. They use different ways to block rat entry points and suggest ways how to stop rats climbing drain pipes.

Pest control in the drains should be done periodically to reduce the number of houses. Some other rat killers, like rat cakes and poisons, might also be used by experts to help control this problem.


Many people are troubled by this question of how to stop rats from climbing drain pipes and are still looking for a solution. Consult an expert and prevent the entry of rats into your place, as this is not just troublesome but can also be health-harming. Lastly, keep your bins empty and food intact in containers, and ensure proper hygiene.


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